Donnerstag, 30. April 2009

CO2 - der Stoff aus dem die Welt besteht

credit to Alex Jones und Dr. Deagle

"They need a crisies!
They are about to play the bio card.
What is on the table? It is the death of all of us! It is totally nihilistic!
All medical schools and universities teach the same garbage!
They highjacked the environmental movement for their propose, with Al Gore as anchorman.
They create a carbon depth unit, which is basically an anti live currency, based on depth, against carbon, that means us!! We are carbon based live forms!
This is the final deal, folks. This is plain eugenics. Whether they get us this wave or next fall, they are comming. They are comming to get us all! "

Wer ist dafür?:
Climate act 2009

Und wer ist dagegen?
More Than 750 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims , see here

Na dann, lasset die Spiele beginnen!

Alles nur Programm!
meint Euer Hot_dog_friend :-)

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