Freitag, 5. Juli 2019

The receipy for the next ice age - how all effects lead to destruction

Ladies and gentlemen!

This is the my last explanation, why we are in real trouble. From now on I will prepare you for your future. I will tell you what will happen, when it will hit you and what you can do about.

As humans we all make networks. Some networks are like minded, some are destructive, some are fruitful and some let you thrive and grow. Whatever I told you in last 10 years, what I wrote down and produced in 2009ff about chemtrails, CO2 Agenda, our Evolution, about vegan food and life style, it all was leading me and hopefully you the way to prepare you to what was ahead of us.

Changing perception because of materialization of facts:

As you know, I knew about Malthus in 2009, Club of Rome, Bilderberger and all these people & organizations talking about that there are limits in growth. We were told so much about "their agenda" but had problems buying into "their" limits. "Alles schall und Rauch", for example, is still in 2019 on this wave, that there is an negative agenda behind.... Well, that's why I stopped blogging in 2012. I was finally reading all their books and learning about the "agenda". In books from 1990 they explained already about greenhouse effect and global warming. My dear, it could have been written yesterday. It was always there for us, but only a few of us were willing to learn...

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