Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

How the world works!

I have such important Job to do!

How do I reach out to you people? How can I prove to be right? With all the evidence I have.... I have the facts, that I understand the globalist's agenda! There is a world government, run by eugenesists. They wanna bring in a tyranny and then forcable exterminate at least 80% of our population.

How do I get to the people, that are lack dayscale punch drunk on entertainment and alcohol to wake up and realize the amaizing parallel before this system, that adore Hilter, Stalin and Mao Zetung is able comming to its own and carry out its operation. Well I do it with the facts. This is a very important radio show today. It is sunday 24.5.2009.

Eugenics, Eugenins and Eugenics:

  • Here is the times of london, today: Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation. They met already severals year. This was a secret meeting and first exposed in engame, no where else. Now it is mainstream. This is the group above that. Intersteering commitee for eugenics.
  • Mayo Clinic: Six year doubble view study is conclusive, that Children who get Flu Vaccine have three times risk of hospitalization for flu, the Study suggests. The flue outbreaks are from the shots! For 7 years straight, they haven't gotten the right flu. They always try to guess the right mutation a year before and make a flu shot for it. They claim 8 years ago they got it right, if you can belive that. The point is, that you can pull up hundrets of government studies that you tripple your chance of alzheimers after just tree flu shots. Alot of you'll say, hey I have had already three, so it is too late. That's why we got 25 year old with alzheimer in mass. And they make an industry out of that, people wear ribbons, wonder why their 18 years old are cruling in the corner... hey stop taking it. You can stop any time you want! But you want facts? This is mayo clinic report...check it out.
  • Fear of plastic drinking bottles, leach the estrogen, according to Scott Belcher. There are hundrets of differnet types of plastic that don't leach the estrogen, that sterilize men, over 85% sperm reduction. And the same for women. It totally scrues them up. It is the main causes of breast cancer at women. Because of drinking that. Hey, you wanna die? Go ahead, stick ribbon on you all the day and give money at the movie center when they ask to donate money for breast cancer research. Thats a big industry. They will never find the cure, because they know, they have hundrets of hundrets ot plastics, that don't leach this , but they chosen adoped world wide as the dominant plastic, the one combination because it cost more money. I talked to petro chemists which run this biz. The one they choose, was the one type that leaches this! The perfect type to deliever sodeum floride in the drinking water system, the perfect system ...
  • Like Melamine in babys milk. Sure it is good for babies...
  • Or Rocket Fuel chemical found in baby formula. Rocket fuel sterilizieres them!
  • Almost half of tested samples of commercial high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contained mercury as published by washington post.
So what? Just drink it! Don't listen to me! There is a game on later. It is too scary to admit this is going on, eugenists running all this things. Don't even look up the word eugenics, don't believe me...don't care about your children. Just give them the flu shots, just drink out of the plastic bottles, don't breast feed!! Give them the rocket fluel laced, give the other goodies like melamin as mentioned earlier, and floride the babies....don't give the mothers milk...It's a lie!

und es ist "Alles nur Programm"!
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